Supplier Quality Manual

To meet the expectations of customers around the world for all Doosan Bobcat brands, we take a 'ZERO-DEFECT APPROACH' that extends to our suppliers and promotes a culture of continuous improvement through our efforts in Total Quality Management. We challenge our suppliers to be best in class in their category for quality, delivery, cost, and service.

The involvement of suppliers within this relationship is managed through this manual which offers a standardized global approach to our supplier partnerships.

Doosan Bobcat is committed to producing quality, reliable and cost-effective products that are shipped on time, provide customer value, and conform to our requirements. Doosan Bobcat Customers expect defect-free products and services, and we recognize the importance of our Suppliers in accomplishing these goals.

The Global Supplier Quality Manual defines the core tools and processes our suppliers are expected to follow when providing products and/or services.

Suppliers are expected to be knowledgeable of the Global Supplier Quality Manual content and we ask, that as a part of doing business with Doosan Bobcat, the appropriate stakeholders within your organization review the manual and maintain a working knowledge of its content.

Doosan Bobcat believes that by implementing these core tools and processes, it will assist our suppliers in the development of their quality management system and contribute to mutually enhanced competitiveness and success.

If you have any questions, contact your Doosan Bobcat Assigned Supplier Development Engineer.

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