Global Procurement

Our Mission

Doosan Bobcat Global Procurement is passionate about collaborating in a boundaryless way to achieve premier supplier performance and sustainable competitive advantage by developing a world class supply base.

By following our Global Sourcing Policy, we outperform and deliver quality products to our customers by selecting, developing, and managing suppliers capable of delivering best-in-class products in terms of safety, quality, delivery, cost, technology, and service.

Our Commitment

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    Developing Long-Term Relationships with Suppliers
    Our suppliers are an extension of Doosan Bobcat operations. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our suppliers and to supporting their development and manufacturing competitiveness. With the commitment of our Suppliers to deliver the highest quality and service level, together we will succeed in our mission to provide a competitive advantage while developing strong, long-term, structured relationships beneficial to the future of both Doosan Bobcat and its suppliers.
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    Strengthening our Competitiveness
    Through our strategic sourcing efforts, we are supporting these goals by globally optimizing our cost basis and aligning our policies and procedures to the needs and aspirations of Doosan Bobcat's current and future customers. With the implementation of globally aligned strategies, we are coordinating our activities for maximum mpact and optimizing the results to each of our business groups by leveraging our global organization and experience.

    Our drive for supplier quality in all its facets is designed to enhance customer satisfaction and to eliminate waste in our own operations, and at all times we will consider the total cost of ownership in our business decisions.

    For the suppliers who meet or exceed our expectations, we reward them with increased business. Suppliers who fail to meet quality, delivery, and cost commitments are held accountable and can be excluded from engaging in new business or dropped entirely from the Doosan Bobcat approved supplier list.

    Our practice also involves sourcing from minority-owned suppliers in support of inclusion and sustainable business.

    Our commitment to Long term partnership with Suppliers is governed by our Supplier Code of Conduct.

    We will be an honorable business partner.